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  • Wacom + Logic

    Hi !

    I've got some trouble getting my wacom tablet in touch with Logic.

    As mentionned in another post, I am in MIDI controller assignation mode, expert mode, selecting the parameter I want to assign, and... nothing.

    But a simple keyboard stroke is immediately recognized.

    Everything is working fine in OSCulator, the wacom is perfectly recognized.

    I'm also wondering how to get rid of the tablet's mouse fonctionnality, which could be annoying if it's ever working...

    Nice job, anyway !

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    Ok, another clue a few hours later.

    I tried with the little app MIDIpatchbay.

    It seems that OSCulator only recognize the tablet when the pen or the eraser is coming near the surface. That's the only moment where some MIDI is sent.

    Any touching, sliding, pressure is doing nothing.

    I'm using a Wacom Bamboo, on Mac OS 10.4.11, Dual Intel- Xeon G5


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      Maybe there is a bug with the Wacom daemon.

      It is a bit weird it only recognize the proximity events, tho.

      Can you confirm that even though you get the proximity events, the mouse is still moving (ie, not locked)?

      I will test on Mac OS X 10.4.11 and check if there is anything that could be wrong with that.