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Incompatible Wiimotes (november 2011)

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  • Incompatible Wiimotes (november 2011)

    It has been recently found that newest models of Wiimotes are incompatible with OSCulator and other Mac OS X applications. The Wiimotes built before november 2011 are not affected by this issue.

    An alpha release of OSCulator attempts to bring compatibility with these new Wiimotes. Please see this thread for more information and download link.

    The following link gives more detail on how to identify the incompatible Wiimotes:

    Newer revisions to the Wii Remote Plus are not connecting the homebrew applications because the apps are not set up to read the input for the new ones. This is not the Wii's fault but the way the homebrew apps are coded. This will be fixed once your homebrew apps are updated to read the input for the new controllers. Otherwise, there's no real fix.

    Here's some details on what will work with your homebrew.

    What is Compatible with Homebrew?
    • Any Official Nintendo Wii Remote Pluses purchased within November 2011 and on could be incompatible.
    • The Gold Wii Remote that's bundled with Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword is compatible.
    • Wii Plus controller bundled with Wii Motion Plus is compatible.
    • Motion Plus add-ons for regular Wii controllers is compatible.
    • The newer revisions behave similarly to third-party controllers.
    How Can I Identify these New Wii Plus Controllers?
    • The most accurate way to identify the new controller is by connecting it to a computer.
    • On computer: An old Wii-mote Plus will read as an "RVL-CNT-01" when connected.
    • On computer: The new non-homebrew working one will read as an "RVL-CNT-01-TR".
    • Another way is to look at the code in the battery compartment of the controller.
    • Look for a code that says "LMB-RVL-WR" in small lettering and it should be followed by "/M-C0" or something similar.
    • If it's followed by "/Z-C#" it will likely not work with homebrew.
    • There's currently no way to identify these controllers by looking at the box.
    On Mac OS X, in order to identify the product code of the Wiimote (Nintendo RVL-CNT-01), open the Bluetooth Preferences pane, and search for the code in the list of devices in the list on the left of the window.

    Also, OSCulator 2.11 will report if the Wiimote being connected is incompatible. If no error message is reported, then the Wiimote is known to be compatible, and you may proceed to the usual troubleshooting process (e.g. search the forum for past issues, check bluetooth adapter, enable Perfect Pairing, etc.)

    As always, please make sure before purchase that you can return the device if it does not work for you.
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    OSCulator 2.12 is now in beta stage, and it is considered that the Wiimote "TR" is now compatible (with the exception of its MotionPlus module not yet working).