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Wii Balance board midi velocity

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  • Wii Balance board midi velocity

    Hi there,

    I can't seem to figure out how to apply velocity from a wii balance board. Can trigger midi notes just fine, although they are always exactly the same velocity. Have tried midi note with parameters but no luck, not making much sense to me. If I set up parameters with "while a note is played, repeat note as active" it repeatedly triggers the note but not what I am after. If that option is unchecked then nothing happens. Hopefully I would like to trigger different notes using the different balance board "triggers" all with velocity. Anybody have any ideas? Everything I can find online is regarding the wiimotes and not the balance boards for this.


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    Hi Moldr.
    I have a similar problem, I can get OSculator sending MIDI ccs to Ableton awesomely but no go for MIDI notes. I have tried a few approaches i.e. IAC bus etc and different assignments in OSCulator but still nothing coming out. Also not much on the web in relation to this. Hope to find a solution soon. Good luck to you also.