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  • Balance Board Latency

    Hello. First of all, thank you for such an awesome software and supporting forum.

    I have been using OSC2 with Wiimotes since 2015 in a limited way but happy results. Since last year I use OSC3. Today I got a Balance Board I thought of using as a foot MIDI note input, so I'm only looking for using the four pads as four notes in Ableton Live. I got to adjust the sensitivity a little and, though it's easy to trigger a note I don't want (don't know if there's something to tweek to avoid that) I think I could get used to how to be very precise with my steps.
    The thing is I get A LOT of lag input, weirdly more with the left side. I would say it's not audio latency. I'm only using the Balance Board, not any other Wiimotes paired or anything.

    i don't know if my second hand Balance Board is defective or what.

    Anyone having the same problem?
    I searched before and didn't find any entries about this (hope not to bother you if there is an entry I missed).


    edit: Tweeking a little more it seems related to that damn sensitivity. Less sensitivity more lag.
    Anyone has a preferred setup for this?
    Also, is there a way not to trigger several notes as I push only one pad? (It works randomly)
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