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  • parameter resetting

    is it (and if yes) possible to have a knob have the function of activating an effect and when deactivated eave it reset to vallue 64 (0 - 128)

    in my setup i use one of the wiimote knobs to turn on the accel function that remotes the filtercut-off of a lo - hi pass filter

    this works fine problem is i never know (and have no time to check before using) what the position of the filter cut - off is.. so many times i end up having no sound because its all the way down or up. so everytime i enable the filter with the wii mote button i would also liek to have the filter in the middle position ( no lo and no hi pass filters)


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    Yes you can do that, follow those steps:
    • select the message corresponding to the button on which you want to perform these actions (say /wii/1/button/B)
    • duplicate the message, you will have now two slots where you can assign events.
    • on the first one, put the Enable event you previously used to set the "accel" message on and off.
    • on the second one, put the same MIDI CC that the one you use to control the filter.
    • now, go to the Scalings Page (Command-F) and edit the Output Min and Output Max of the second duplicate so that they are set to the value you want when the button is pressed (or released), in your case I believe you said it was 64, so you set output min and max to 64.

    See the attached screenshot for more help:
    wii dup 1.pngwii dup 2.png

    All The Best,


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      amaaaazzzing it wor~X .. tnX so much.. another on u could really help me out with:

      is it possible to achieve steps: as in every time i push a knob the value changes (in my fx setting ) from 1 t 1/4 to 1/8 to 1/16 32 and back to 1

      iow every time i push a knob i send an x value of the same midi CC

      tnX again u made my day!!!


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        Let's see.
        Traktor is able to increment a value on each press of a button.
        I understand that you are talking about the Filter LFO Effect whose third parameter represents a note-length (1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, etc).

        Here's how I would do:
        - Assign the event MIDI CC 11 to a button of the Wiimote. I chose MIDI CC 11 because this was free, but you can choose any number that you don't use yet.
        - Add a Out mapping for Effect Param 3 in Traktor and assign the MIDI CC you previously chose.
        - Set the mapping as follows: "Type of controller: Button", "Interaction Mode: Inc".

        Each time I press the Wiimote's button, the value increments from 1/4 to 1/8. If you use "Interfaction Mode: Dec" this will make the values go down instead.

        Unfortunately, I have not found how to cycle throught the values, but I guess this is something you can ask on a Traktor forum. I hope this will be enough to get you started.