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Big latency. 4 attached on the body Wiimote controlling analog synth and sampler.

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  • Big latency. 4 attached on the body Wiimote controlling analog synth and sampler.

    Hi lovely Forum,
    I was using oscillator since 2 years already.
    I am a performer from Brazil, and I developed a performance that uses the wii controllers to change parameter of a sampler (octatrack) and a synth (tetra) by dancing.
    I use 4 wii controller, 2 attached on the arms and two on the legs.
    And I use a old Mac 2011 Mojave with the Osculator just to send the midi signals to the sampler and synth.

    In total I am using 14 MIDI cc and 3 MIDI note.
    The MIDI cc are assigned to the pitch, roll, and yaw sensors, and some sensors send the same message up to 4 different parameters.
    The MIDI note are assigned to the accel in that way I use for percussive samples.

    In this new performance I am using more parameters that the last one.
    And I had the following problems:

    - Big latency when I start more complex dances, if a move super slow usually works fine for some time,
    but once I really dance, or after 15 min of use, I can notice a big latency around 1-3 seconds.
    When I stop the movement I still having some 1-3 seconds of stuff getting triggered by Wiis, even if they are not moving anymore.

    I can see the the input signal on the Osculator has no latency at all by monitoring the sensors.

    Will be great if someone could help me, or maybe recommend someone who could help me!
    I just did one gig, and I had this problem.
    I have some other performances dates, but I feel that I cannot perform again if I don't solve this issue first.
    And I have to say that everytime I perform I do some nice advertising to Osculator, because always there are people asking me what software I use,
    and the answer is Osculator... ;-P

    Thank you all !!
    Thank Oscullator crew!!
    Hope to figure something out

    ( ? ³?)??

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