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Delay While using Drum Set

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  • Delay While using Drum Set

    I am attempting to use the drum set over bluetooth by connecting it to my m1 macbook air over bluetooth then routing that through osculator and then into garageband for recording. Everything works fine except for when i try to do a roll or hit the drums moderately fast where then the drums either completely stop responding or only respond to 25-30 percent of the hits. I saw someone else's post in 2009 about a similar issue but could not figure out how to resolve it even though they said it was fixed. I can provide any files necessary to try and aid your assistance.

    Thanks, ZXX3N

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    Ok so update I found the culprit to the issue and it is strangely enough having the wifi enabled and connected to the network which is really strange. So if I turn off my wifi everything works fine with no issue with faster notes but as soon as I connect to the wifi the notes start having issues again with cutting out. Do you know if there is any fix