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Pairing Wii-mote to a 16" Intel Mac

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  • Pairing Wii-mote to a 16" Intel Mac

    So, It's time to change mac's.
    The wii-motes both paired sweet with my old mac for as long as they have been trying to.

    Sadly, my old mac is dying, and is not reliable on stage anymore.

    Trying to pair the wii-motes does not work with the new one, running intel monterey.

    It asks me for a code, i have googled and googled, the code is supposed to be "0000" "1234" or "12345"

    Osculator gives me NOTHING when i try to pair, in any way possible, atleast mac osx's bluetooth see's them I have the latest osx and osculator btw!

    I even tried to input the code found in osculator on the old mac.

    What can i do in order to make this work, how do i find my wiimote's code? Thank you Camille ??
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    This is driving me crazy :x
    Removed one of the wii-motes from bluetooth on my old mac, repaired, no code, all good.

    Tried so many different codes, i heard one can "decrypt" the code if you have the adress.

    Mine are
    #1: d8-6b-f7-3e-71-c5
    #2: cc-9e-00-bb-c8-42

    And as said, osculator does nothing, if i press "pair wiimote" it just says there is another window up regarding this, but that windown can't be found anywhere...
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      Hi Johannes!

      Unfortunately macOS Monterey broke Wiimote pairing. I have filled abus report with Apple to no avail.

      There is no need to try to provide a code, OSCulator already computes the code and sets up the remote with this information.

      I follow closely each release of Monterey in the hope of a fix…



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        Oh No ?? All my company Mac’s was recently updated to monterey to benefit from some sweet things they did not even incorporate until somehwhere mid 2022…
        The wii-motes are a big part of my performance, is there anything i can do in order to assist with the bug-report to apple? I really want this to work, as my old mac has seen the end of days on stage ??

        Or, perhaps a downgrade/format of the computer can do this, i forgot the names, but i assume the previous mac osx worked with the wii motes?

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          I am really sorry about that. MacOS Big Sur surely allowed you to pair a Wiimote.
          I would be careful though : you should install the OS on an external hard drive to minimize any negative impact on your computer.

          I really want this to work, but at the moment there is nothing we can do except wait for a fix, or use the previous operating system…