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Wiimote + Portal 2 + Steam

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  • Wiimote + Portal 2 + Steam

    Hi everyone, I bought the application a couple of days ago (give or take some days) and I was able to successfully configure it to use my Wiimote + classic controller as the input controller for SuperMeatBoy on Steam.

    My plan all this time (while downloading Portal 2 since my connection is really slow) was to use my Wiimote and Nunchuck controllers to play Portal 2 but I'm not able to correctly map my wiimote for IR recognition; not even with the sensor bar connected to the wii and the wii turned on.

    So far I configured my wiimote X & Y axis to mimic the mouse relative or absolute X & Y positions but with no luck, ending up with a shaky cursor (bouncing all over the screen) and still unable to use it to play Portal.

    Does anyone has an idea as to how I can achieve this?

    PS. Sorry for my english, is not my main language.


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    Hi Creegan and welcome to this forum!

    Using the X and Y arguments from the /wii/1/ir message with 'Mouse / Absolute Move' events should be work well.
    What IR source are you using apart from the IR bar?
    Could it be that there is a source of IR interference?

    You could experiment with the sensitivity setting next to the IR checkbox to see if you get better tracking.

    I often use a pair of candles (far from being as good as the IR bar) and I have pretty good results.



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      Aside from the sensor bar I'm not using anything else; should I?

      I think that configuring the wiimote as the mouse will pretty much let me wander by myself on how to configure the rest of the buttons and commands for Portal; I'm pretty sure I'll be able to pull it off once I get to configure it as a mouse.

      Do you have a "script" or configuration I could try in order to test the wiimote as a mouse controller?



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        The sensor bar (which is actually a pair of IR LEDs, and not a sensor) should be enough.
        If you have a look at the folder /Applications/OSCulator ƒ/Samples Library/Wiimote you will find a file named Wiimouse that you can use to test mouse events. If does not use the IR though, but that can be a starting point. If you would like a file with IR for mouse control, just let me know.


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          Look at that I haven't thought of actually looking at the Applications folder for samples; I tried googling all over the place for them instead of looking them inside my computer…

          Oh well, that should teach me a lesson.
          Thanks for the quick reply Camille; I'll give it a try to the Wiimouse example and see how it goes; if you happen to have a configuration using IR that would be great though; if not that's ok.

          Thanks again