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Osculator 2.12: osc address start pairing

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  • Osculator 2.12: osc address start pairing

    Dear Camille,

    Thanks for the updated software package of Osculator 2.12.

    I would like to inform how the 'start pairing' function can be activated through an OSC address, it seems to be missing in the new version.

    Previously i have used Osculator 2.10 in osx leopard snow to connect some wii's automatically at startup from my own custom c++ application. I was using the /osculator/discovery @start osc address to activate the discovery feature.
    When updating the os to osx lion, it seemed osculator could no longer connect the wii's. Also not when manually hitting the 'start discovery' button.

    I then updated to Osculator 2.12 for osx lion, where now the 'start pairing' button is implemented. This works perfect for connecting the wii's manually. But the /osculator/discovery @start osc address message from my custom application no longer activates the discovery/pairing function. I hoped in this new version there would be a command like /osculator/pairing @start, but after testing this does not result to anything.

    So my question / request: could you implement this /osculator/pairing @start and @stop address feature into this new Osculator 2.12 version?
    Or is there any other way to activate the pairing / discovery process through osc from a custom c++ application working on osx lion with osculator 2.12?

    Thanks a lot for your effort building this great software tool, i am looking forward to your answer.

    Best regards,



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    Hi Arne,

    The process for connecting a Wiimote has changed in OSCulator 2.12.
    It now divided in two parts:
    1. Pairing
    2. Connection

    The pairing must be done no more than once per device.

    When a device has been successfully paired with your computer, the only thing you need to connect it is to press a single button repeatedly until it connects to your computer Therefore the pairing process does not need to be controlled via OSC, and this feature has been removed.

    Note that while trying to connect a Wiimote, the pairing process must be stopped. Also you must not use buttons 1&2 to connect your Wiimote, only one button must be used.

    For more information, please refer to this post:

    Or the manual for OSCulator 2.12 at page 54.

    Best Regards,
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      Hi Camille,

      Thanks for your quick reply!

      Great I will be looking into it again with this information.

      Best regards,



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        Dear Camille,
        Many thanks for your wonderful utility, OSCulator. I have been a trouble-free user for about 3 years, running under Leapord. I use OSCulator to pass messages between Csound and my wiimote for live performances.

        I'm now attempting to get my setup running on Mountain Lion, with no luck so far. I have read the forum notes and the manual. I have reset/paired a few times. Only once, for a few seconds, did I see signals appear in the main OSCulator window. Having paired successfully (I think), I have attempted to connect the device by holding a single button down for a very long time (no connection occurred) and also repeatedly pressing a button (no connection occurred.) You have mentioned both approaches in different forum postings.

        Any thoughts about how I can start over again and get this right?

        Lou Cohen


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          Hi Lou,

          There is a great chance that something on your computer's configuration is not exactly correct.

          Could you please make sure the Perfect Pairing kernel extension is not installed.
          Open Terminal and copy and paste the following line:

          kextstat | grep OSCulator
          Then press enter.
          You should either have no result, like this:

          ~$ kextstat | grep OSCulator
          or this, OSCulator's kernel extension is installed with version 2.0.

          ~$ kextstat | grep OSCulator
            141    0 0xffffff7f8262a000 0x5000     0x5000     net.osculator.driver.OSCulatorIOKit (2.0) <92 27 5 4 3>
          Any version previous to version 2.0 won't work.

          Another thing you can do that will greatly help is to send an Apple System Report to my email address (camille at osculator dot net). To do this, click the Apple menu, and choose "About This Mac". Then click "More info...". The Apple System Report utility will be launched. Then save the document and send it to me.