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unexpected behaviour with wii mote

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  • unexpected behaviour with wii mote

    hi. i'm using four nintendo genuine wii motes. today i accepted the update in osculator and since then i have been experiencing value crashes and unexpected behaviour. i'm on mac osx 10.6.8 on a 13" unibody mbp. i have attached a short video of what i experience, i've kept the quality low as i needed to upload this quickly as this unexpected behaviour is getting in the way of my research.

    i'd like my old osculator back please as i wasn't together enough to make a copy of it before i updated.

    as each wii is turned on there seems to be cumulative interference and eventually crashes.

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    the values in the quicklook windows are motion angles : pitch roll raw respectively.


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      Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for describing this problem.
      I have no idea of what is causing this problem, I will try to understand and get back to you quickly.

      Could you tell what version you were using before the update?
      Also, when OSCulator is crashing it usually suggest to send an anonymous report with the crash logs, could you please make sure you send the reports so I can have a look? Thank you in advance.



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        I just tested a Wiimote with Motion Plus under Mac OS X 10.6.8 and found no problem.

        I have received some reports from users that had problem upgrading from OSCulator 2.11 to 2.12. The vast majority — if not all — of these users are running Mac OS X 10.6.8, which makes me think that there is an isolated problem for some 10.6.8 user caused when a Wiimote was previously paired with OSCulator 2.11, and later connected with OSCulator 2.12.

        I have a user that had similar problems as you, and he sent me a procedure that I'd like you to try. It basically resets the information related to your Wiimotes:

        1. Quit OSCulator.
        2. Open the Bluetooth Preferences pane, and remove all instances of your Wiimotes from the paired devices list.
        3. Close the Bluetooth Preferences pane.
        4. Open Activity Monitor.
        5. Select the process "blued"
        6. Choose the "Quit Process" button and then "Force Quit", you may have to type your password.
        7. Restart your computer.

        Once it is done, you can re-pair one Wiimote with OSCulator:

        1. Open OSCulator.
        2. Open the Wiimote drawer, start the pairing process.
        3. Press the red button inside your Wiimote, the Wiimote should connect and work fine.
        4. Test a bit and quit OSCulator.

        Now see if the Wiimote can connect again fine:

        1. Open OSCulator.
        2. Press the button A (or B) repeatedly until the Wiimote connects to your computer.

        Please let me know your feedback.

        For any further help, please contact me directly by email (camille at osculator dot net) and send me an Apple System Profile.
        To generate the profile please repeat these steps:

        1. Click on the Apple menu.
        2. Choose "About This Mac"
        3. Click the "More Info…" button
        4. Choose File->Save…
        5. Send the saved file in an email.

        Best Regards,


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          hi camille

          i need to disclose now that i am dsylexic. interpreting sentences and short term memory are parts of my condition that might affect my pressence here.

          i have gone through the above process twice. the seconf time i deleted all osculator wii references in the wii drawer.

          after all the reseting etc i am still seeing the values running away with themselves. not so bad now but it is still happening on the wii one motion angles roll.

          i can't remember what version i was using before. what i can tell you is that the first version i used i need to press the buttons 1+2 and press something in osculator to get them to connect. i had updated to the version where just buttons 1+2 were enough to get connection.

          i think now i will do the next stage which is to do a system profile and send it to you.

          i've been osculator for 18 months and this is the first time i've ever had any problems with it.


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            i've just noticed that in your instructions the instruction was to pair one wii. i actually paired all four. the problem of running away numbers seems to be worse with more wii's connected.


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              Thank you Andrew, I have received your email, and will contact you in return.