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What are your creative ways to use WiiMotes with Osculator?

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  • camille
    Thanks Mace for the summary.

    Here's my take:
    During the recording of our third album (shameless plug, I extensively used the Wiimote as a "randomizing" device. I wanted to avoid the regularity in synth sounds and effects, so you don't hear the same thing twice. The Wiimote was set-up with OSCulator to send control signals to a Kyma workstation. For example the roll attitude angle controlled the cutoff of the bass arpegiattor in the song 'See The Sun', and a keyboard on the left hand on which the notes were played. The bass has been played live with the arpegiattor MIDI clock'ed to the sequencer as one ‘single track.

    I also play emulators from time to time


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  • What are your creative ways to use WiiMotes with Osculator?

    So far I have done:
    Wii Air Drums: Using the accelerometer to send a note to Abletons drumrack when swung, and using the buttons to unmute the desired sound. So holding B would unmute a Kick drum and swinging the Wiimote would trigger it.. and then A for a snare.
    Wii Light Saber: Holding B would trigger the classic StarWars Lightsaber power up sound and then trigger a synth pad that sounds like the lightsaber hum. Moving and twisting the Wiimote would modulate the sound to make it react like they do on the movies.. and then finally swinging it would trigger a sample of the electric arc sound used when they would attack with them.
    Ableton Live Glitching: Using the Wiimote to trigger a VST like Stutter Edit, The Finger, or Artillery to have a live glitching / sound shaping element to a live set.
    Ableton Live Triggering: I would use the + and - button to navigate up and down my live set. The up, down, left, and right button would trigger samples relative to what part of my set I was playing so I could do vocal or synth one shots over my original track to give it more or a Live element.
    (I usually incorporate a mix of using Live Glitching and Live Triggering while performing. I have yet to find the perfect set up for it yet)

    Playing Video Games:Just using them as they were intended.. to control video games.. but on my Macbook Pro.

    Then I am getting into doing visuals, project mapping, and design. I saw a video where they were using WiiMotes to align the projection maps to the sides of cubes.. It would be interesting to see how that was done.

    So what fun ways do you incorporate Wiimotes into your music making, computing, or video controls?