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Osculator not receiving Wiimote events

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  • Osculator not receiving Wiimote events

    Hi Cam, I have downloaded the demo version of Osculator 2.8.3 and when I attempt to use it with my wiimote/nunchucks it can be paired together (the Wii sign lights up in Osculator) but there are no events showing up in the Osculator window.

    I know the Wiimote is working fine because when I try to use DarwinWiimote all the activity / buttons are showing up clearly.

    My system is 10.5.6 on a 2.16Ghz MBP with 2GB RAM.

    Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

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    Hey Keropi,

    If you have successfully connected the Wiimote to OSCulator, there a possibility that it is not correctly handled by the Perfect Pairing extension (have you installed it?). I can help you further if you give me its bluetooth that is listed in the Wiimote drawer (after a connection) or in the Bluetooth Preferences Pane.




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      Hi Cam,

      Thanks for the speedy response.

      In the Wiimote drawer of Osculator, in the #1 slot is the address 00-21-47-f9-0c-28

      Under the preferences 'input' tab, Enable Perfect Pairing has been ticked so I assume that it has been installed. Is there a way for me to manually re-install the Perfect Pairing? Thanks


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        Actually your Wiimote was not supported (yet).

        I have made a change to make sure the Perfect Pairing extension now works with it (and all the Wiimotes like yours).

        You can ask me an early build of 2.8.4, just send me an email to camille at osculator dot net.



        PS: you don't need to reinstall Perfect Pairing, the next version will request an upgrade automatically.