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problem with the wiimote to max5 patch

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  • problem with the wiimote to max5 patch

    Hello! I have just started to play with the wii for an interactive project. The Osculator really saves me...thanks a lot for sharing.

    The problem I face, and sorry if it´s a stupid thing, it´s that the patch wiimote to max5 doesn´t receive any data from the Osculator( and the Osculator is working perfect..) I activate the data button , blablabla...but nothing flows... what am I doing wrong¿? And also in the max window everything is fine (no object not found or other report, or error message...)

    Really appreciate your help.

    thanks a lot.


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    can anyone please send me your max msp5 pacth for the wii just to check¿?

    My laptop is 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo 1GB 667 MHz Ram... I have the last release of the Osculator, and Max Msp 5.

    thanks a lot Andrea

    my email andreapl25[at]gmail[dot]com


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      I had a similar initial experience, then realized that I needed to have CNMAT's "OSC-route" MAX external in order for Max to correctly parse incoming OSCulator data.

      If you think you're having the same problem, go to and get the "OSC-route" object. While you're at it, get the rest of the free stuff CNMAT has on their site, they are an excellent organization whose stuff has saved me a lot of time...

      The bonus of getting OSC-route is you can now get ANY data from OSCulator, not just wiimote data...I'm currently having lots of fun playing with my new Space Navigator in Max thanks to this...




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        I have done it before. Should I drop the entire folder CNMAT inside the max externals, or just what it contains ... Because I have done it, and still doesn´t want to work, but maybe I am doing it wrong. Would you mind clearing this question?¿

        Thanks a lot for the reply



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          Hello Andrea,

          From the screenshot you have sent me by email (see below), the OSCulator document is not configured:

          No data is sent to Max.

          Two solutions:

          1. You must open the "Wiimote to Max" OSCulator document to get it working.

          2. Configure the empty events to send 'OSC Routing' events to Max.




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            THANKS SOOO MUCH!! Yes you were right, I thought I was opening the wii to max file ...but not.

            Everything is working perfect. Thanks so so so so much.

            I will show you the project when I finish so you will see the result thanks to ur osculator.




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              Hey Andrea,

              If you need any help, please don't hesitate to post on the forum!

              I am looking forward to reading about your project.