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Bought OSCulator, bought a Wiimote, bought a Nunchuck. Been rocking all week trying out stuff and got the basics down and working just fine. Hit a few bumps along the way, but nothing I couldn't iron out myself. Now for the new bumps I'm purposefully putting in my way now that it's working fine. Need some help. I've dedicated as much time as I can to researching and trying to figure this out on my own, so forgive me if the information is out there somewhere, but between what I had time to find and try out, I haven't been successful with the following things I'm trying to do. Anybody who can help, I would appreciate that soon much! Thank you so much in advance I'm really excited about this thing.

By the way, I'm approaching this as a professional in audio, and a dummy in coding/scripting. So if some of these questions come down to needing to talk about code, I can only digest that in preschool terminology lol. If we're talking audio, no problem, I'll understand what your talking about. Thanks for understanding.

1. Use my Wiimote as a stable Air Moue. I got it to work a little bit but it jitters all over the place. Played with the sensitivity sliders and tried to adjust values in the Scalings page to do what I think it says to do in the manual when you have 2 monitors. But so far no luck. See screen shots above.

2a. Got the Nunchuck joystick to work as a Pitch Bend. YAY! That's the first thing I even got all this stuff for. BUT! I can't push the joystick to get to the full bend range. It almost gets there, about a little more than 3/4 of the way but it doesn't go the full 8191 or -8192. All settings in my scalings page are supposedly correct, I tried messing with them to compensate for whatever was causing the discrepancy but no that just made things worse. Oh yeah... also when I release the joystick, sometimes it goes back to 0, sometimes not quite, it's so sensitive that it's a little off when I let go sometimes. Is something wrong with my Nunchunk or is this common and can I use OSCulator to tune the sensitivity and adjust the range when it's not acting as it should?

2b. Let' say I decided to use the roll axis to control pitch bend, and the B button to enable it while it's being held down. Well let's not say if, cause that's how far I got. What I couldn't figure out how to do was, when I let the B button go, the pitch bend wheel stays exactly where it is when I let the button go. Instead I want it to snap back to zero when I let the B button go. How do I do that?

2c. Is there any way to make a button trigger pitch bend, one button for up and one for down, BUT with a timed delay I can put in between for how long it takes to reach max and how long it takes to release back down to zero when I let the button go. Like putting an Envelope on the button press if that makes sense.

3a. Okay, so I understand how to set up a button to do preset changes, no problem there, totally get that concept and it works fine. My question is, how do I get that bottom B button underneath to act as a momentary SHIFT button so that when it's depressed, all the controls on my wiimote can be used to execute some alternate function that I can setup? The changing Presets method to access different functions makes sense to me, but not for what I want to do, what am I missing?

3b. If what I asked above in question 3 is not possible, using the B button as a momentary SHIFT button, then okay I'll settle for the toggling presets ability with it. In that case, can I make the 4 lights at the bottom of the remote react to the changing of presets so that say if I have 4 presets total, and I'm on the 1st one, then the first button lights up, if I'm on the 2nd one, then the second button lights up, and so on. How would I do this?