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  • Where's the Data Type?

    Hi Camille,

    Where can I find the data type of the different wiimote messages.

    Specifically I'm interested in knowing more about the raw IR data x,y,size. I'm assuming they are integers... but is that info mentioned in the documentation? What are their possible values (range) etc... Can you check in Osculator what type of data is sent?


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    Hey Brutusx,

    All Wiimotes messages are made with floats arguments having a range is between 0.0 and 1.0. OSCulator tries to use this convention as much as possible. By the way, if you need to look at the values of an OSC argument, you can use the Quick Look window, just press the space bar.

    A bit more details about the Raw IR:

    When the size is exactly 0, it means that the dot has not detected. If the size is over zero, the value represents its brightness. A IR dot can have a size between 0.0625 (1/16 actually) and 1. (I have never detected a dot with a size of 1, but that is theoretically possible.)