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erratic connection to Max with more than one wiimote

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  • erratic connection to Max with more than one wiimote

    hi there, i'm new to Osculator & Max/MSP.

    i can't get consistent connection from Osculator to the supplementary Max patch that came along with it.

    i can sync 2 wiimotes in Osculator no prob, but only the signals from one of them gets sent to the Max patch (i'm working with pitch, roll, yaw).

    my goal is to send data from 4 wiimotes (& eventually 5 if can figure out how to rework the Max patch), but i can't seem to get past connecting the first 2 wiimotes.

    if anyone has any insights on this please let me know. btw, i've upgraded to the latest version of Osculator & Max/MSP, and am on a 2.5 year-old macbook pro.

    many thanks in advance!

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    Hello Teresa,

    The Wiimote to Max example document has been setup for only one Wiimote.
    It is easy to modify it to handle more Wiimotes, though.
    When a Wiimote is connected to OSCulator, you will see that new messages are registered in the main list.
    All you have to do is to assign OSC Routing events to new messages to send them to Max, just like it is done for the first Wiimote.

    If you need more details on how to do this, please let me know!



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      Hi Camille, thanks for such a quick response! I would in fact really appreciate a bit more help as I don't recall assigning any routing to start with. Perhaps someone that helped me did that and didn't explain. Are there instructions for assigning routing somewhere. I couldn't find it. If you have something that explains where I can find the new messages being registered in the main list as well as how to assign routing events.

      So sorry for my ignorance, but I'm not too tech savy and have mostly been working with tech collaborators who have done these things for me in my past artworks.



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        Hi Teresa,

        When you open the Wiimote to Max file, you have a list of mappings between the input (Message column), and the events (Event Type and Value columns).

        What you need to do is to replicate the configuration that is used for the first Wiimote.

        The first Wiimote is registered with messages like: "/wii/1/…".
        The other Wiimotes have messages that look like: "/wii/2/…"

        So, when you connect another Wiimote, you will see that new messages have been registered in the main window, but have no Event Type nor Values.
        First of all click on the disclosure triangle to collapse all messages in the list like this:


        Now select all the message (Command-A), and in the Event Type column select "OSC Routing"
        Finally, in the Value column select "2-Max".

        Whenever a new Wiimote is connected and not yet registered, you will have to repeat these steps. For more informations about the messages used by the Wiimote, you can check out the user's manual:



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          hi Camille, i think i figured it out. i re-downloaded the entire pack from your site and the patches (osculator and max) all work now. i was able to connect up to 4 wii's.

          i think the old ones i had, including the max one, was not as updated.

          thanks for your help as it was the last piece of the puzzle in making it all sync!