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  • Wii Remote Led Question

    Hello Dear Osculators, i was just wondering about the leds on the wii remote and how they work.

    I've searched a bit on it but i didn't find what i was looking for.

    Simply, i want the leds to lit up as i switch deck focus.
    I will use traktor for this scenario and my goal is to via the +/- buttons switch deck focus (i've done this allready), i want this to be indicated by a led on the wii mote representing a-b-c-d as i switch.

    i Got the led's to lit up in different modes via routing out led messanges on my old iphone touchosc layout, however, this messed up that entire layout. so its out of question.

    I want traktor to send out messages to osculator, who then sends its to the wii mote, but how do i access the leds on it?

    I know about duplicating a midi message and to set led on the second copy.

    All i want is them to lit up one by one as i switch decks.

    Also, is it possible to have the vibrator turn on only as i bypass a certain value, for example if i am increasing the dry/wet on a effect, once it hits the "it wont sound good above this" point i want the vibrator to start vibrating.
    I got it to work by a push of a button, but i would want it to "fade in" or start at a certain out message.

    I would be super happy about any help regarding these leds, im ok in midi mapping, but i have not every scratched the surface on osculator :/

    Best regards
    Johannes Drakenberg
    Johannes Drakenberg - Artist
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    Hey Johannes,

    Very interesting questions here.

    I'd like to give you a clear answer, but I need to know what input you can use to change the leds.

    Some suggestion:
    If you have a MIDI control change message that goes from one value to another, you could use the LEDs / Level event, and change the input min/max values in the Scalings Page. The LEDs/Level event sets the Wiimote's leds with a value going from 0.0 to 1.0 (or 0 to 127) for a MIDI Message.

    Another option: if instead the input is separate MIDI Notes, you could use a LEDs / Numeric event on each of them and fix the output min / max values of the scalings in order to use a specific value. The LEDs / Numeric event takes values from 0 to 15 (0 is no LEDs), and light up the leds in binary order (1 = 0001, 2=0010, 3=0011, etc., 15=1111).

    Now about the vibration, this should be fairly easy to set up.
    Suppose you have an input that goes from 0 to 127, and you want the vibration to occur when the input goes over 100.
    What you have to do is add a Wiimote Vibrate event on your MIDI CC input, then switch to the Scalings Page, and the Input Min column value to 100, leave Input Max to 127, and check the "Cap" checkbox. Cap ensures that no event is triggered outside of input range [min max]. I think Cap is optional here, tho.



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      Hello again, Thanks again for extra ordinary help, The leds are a bit buggy, but they work somehow like i want, i'm satisfied.

      Two modes, 1 "select deck mode" where i can modify one deck at a time, the respective deck shows up at the led, i use left and right to switch between a-b-c-d, to the right it works, but when i go left. once i switch from c to b i get leds for both a and b, this is just a visual bug.

      Also when i go from "all" mode the leds die, but they lit up as i start to select each deck forthemselves again.

      The vibration is cool as well haha, now i know when im going to far with stuff

      I'll upload a video of how i made the mapping on the wii mote, if some might find that interesting.

      Cheers and thanks again for your extra ordinary help camille, I could not be more satisfied with my current club setup now!

      Johannes Drakenberg - Artist
      - Facebook - Soundcloud - Tour Dates - Youtube -


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