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Wiimote + Osculator + Traktor Scratch Pro...

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  • Wiimote + Osculator + Traktor Scratch Pro...

    Hey guys my name is Sam I'm new here and this is my first post.

    I usually don't post a thread asking 'how to' questions because I always find it over the net. I got my Wiimote recently for the purpose of using it as a MIDI controller on TSP through Osculator.

    What's happening:
    - Wii mote is connecting to Osculator
    - As I got to Parameters > I / O > Select active MIDI Inputs, I find 'Traktor Virtual Output'
    - ... under Select active MIDI Outputs, I find 'Traktor Virtual Input'

    I don't know if this has anything to do with how it's supposed to function but ideally:
    - I want Traktor to detect my Wiimote and have it function as a MIDI controller (just like my iPhone, X1 and Nanopad)

    I see a lot of threads asking how to assign certain presets to buttons and stuff but nothing about how to actually connect the Wiimote through Osculator to Traktor Scratch Pro.

    I was also wondering if there are any .tsi mappings for the Wiimote for TSP so then I can start of from there if it works fine.

    I hope someone can help me out as I got a gig at the end of this coming month and I would love to impress my crowd with the Wiimote.

    Thank you for your time
    Peace x
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    Hi Sam!

    Welcome on this forum, and sorry for the late answer.

    The way you configure MIDI in the Parameters Window (I/O tab) sounds fine to me, but I rather recommend you go in Traktor's preferences, and select "OSCulator Out" as an input. This way you will not have to reconfigure OSCulator every time you start a new document.

    I am not sure wether you will be able to find any .tsi files ready-made for the Wiimote and Traktor, but you should be able to roll on your own rather easily.
    The first thing you can try is simply assign a MIDI CC (Control Change) to one of the parameters coming out of the Wiimote.

    To start simply, pick a button (for example /wii/1/button/B, which is the trigger button), and assign MIDI CC 0.
    In Traktor, in the MIDI preferences dialog I think it is possible to select a parameter and learn a MIDI CC mapping. I can't tell exactly what are the steps to do that but it is described in TSP's manual.

    If you need further details on how to map a MIDI Control Change in Traktor, please let me know and I'll do some further research on that subject. Traktor seems to be a very popular software, and I don't mind trying out the software myself, and write a small tutorial on this, although I am very busy these days working on a new version of OSCulator.



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      Hi,guys ! Good topic ! Im going to buy a Wii remote to control Traktor Pro and i have been searching internet for TSI file ,may be somebody already done it and want to share his mapping with us Im bassicly looking for FX units on Wiimote to use in on Traktor Pro ! Thanx for ur support !