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Problems with midi CC and Live

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  • Problems with midi CC and Live

    Hello there Camille!

    My computer crashed a month ago and i have restored almost all my work.. Yeah. But some things have changed and I dont know how to fix it. Here is my problem. I have made 50 different programs that change with arrow up and down on my wiimote. The different programs sends MIDI prg change to my voicelive pedal. Every program have the same midi setup so that I can loop in ableton. Well, the thing is that my files does not behave like they used to. Everytime i change preset, ableton starts to akt different from what i have programed it to. So everything is fine looping and trigging before i change preset. I dont know how to fix this. Is there a way to stop ableton listening to MIDI Prg Change in osculator. Like being to be able to address a certain midi signal to a specific midi output, like you can with program comands. Hope you get my problem. And also, is the sub bank function on its way like in this thread?

    This would also help me to not use the program change witch messes me up for the moment...

    All the best. Eurotrash
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    Hi Erik,

    I hope all is well!

    The only thing I can suggest is to filter out program changes using the small application MIDI Pipe.

    I have provided here a MIDI Pipe file that filter "OSCulator Out" from Program Changes, and transmit the MIDI messages to a output named "OSCultor Filtered Out".
    You will have to configure Live to use "OSCulator Filtered Out" instead of "OSCulator Out".

    The sub-bank program changes are still on the todo list, sorry for taking so long to implement suggestion, but there are surely considered.


    PS: please note that the included oscd file is only for testing, you can use the MIDI Pipe file without change, though.
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