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precision of wii data + want to donate

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  • precision of wii data + want to donate


    I am an old user already...
    using osculator with wiimotes and recently it is working really really well!

    was wandering -

    1. have you ever tried to evaluate the error (like they measure for devices in lab experiments) of the pitch angle measure? I mean in degrees...
    It should be the precision of the pitch value from 0-1 which I dont know what is, multiplied by 180 deg... e.g. 0.01*180 deg. Do you understand me?...

    2. When I purchased my license I payed the minimum cuz didnt know yet how well it would serve me. But since I am using it already for so long, and really think it is an amazing product, I would really like to donate more, to reach up to the 'recommended price'. It may sound strange but I appreciate allot your approach of allowing to pay less, and now I feel that you deserve more! How can I do it? Haven't found a way on the website...


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    Hi Ida,

    To calculate the error would be a bit complicated. It depends on the precision of the accelerometers which is an information I don't have but I guess this is something that can be found. Because of the way the pitch is calculated, the error would also not be the same at the angle limits.
    Also a last precision: to calculate the pitch error would only have sense if the Wiimote is laying perfectly flat, as the pitch is influenced on how the Wiimote is "rolled".

    If you want a rough estimate, knowing that the Wiimote's accelerometers have a precision of 10 bits (1024 values), the error would be 180 / 1024 =~ 0,18°. But I think this is not correct because of the previous reasons, and also because the noise from the accelerometers is not taken in account.

    About your second question:
    I really appreciate you being so supportive!
    I will gladly accept a supplementary donation if you would like to contribute further. The best way to do so is to send a Paypal payment to camille at osculator dot net. However please know that you don't need to feel obligated. My best reward comes from the satisfied users that find creative ways of using the software, and spread the word around.