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ableton Live & Osculator controlling 2 programs

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  • ableton Live & Osculator controlling 2 programs

    Hi Camille,

    I had 2 questions:

    1. I've done this before but have completely forgot how. I'm trying to get my IR source to control the volume of a midi instrument in ableton. I made sure only the raw IR box was checked. Underneath event type, next to the "X" and "Y" of address "/wii/1/ir/xys/1" I selected Midi CC. Under value I selected a cc #.

    I went to the "tutorial mode" in ableton by selecting midi at the top right of the screen, selected the attribute of the midi instrument I wanted to alter, and moved my Ir source around a bit until it took. Now once I get out of tutorial mode, although my IR source is controlling my ableton instrument's "volume" (what I selected to change). I hear no sound. What am I missing??

    2. Is it possible to allow Osculator to control more than one software at a time. In other words having Max/Jitter and Ableton working together with Osculator??

    Thanks for all your help.

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    Hi :-)

    Ok...I think for number 1., with regards to hearing the sound generated by controlling the midi with my IR source I figured it out...kind of. So I went into Midi setup. For:

    Input: Osculator Out (Track and Remote is on)

    however, there is no,

    Output: Osculator In (8000)

    how can I add this under Midi ports?


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      Hey Rox,

      Sorry for the late answer, I was on a small tour this week-end.

      however, there is no,

      Output: Osculator In (8000)

      how can I add this under Midi ports?
      you don't have to do anything to add this. it is weird that you don't see it.

      what version of Live are you using?

      for question #2 :

      YES! :^)

      - Select an event you want to duplicate,

      - Use the Edit->Duplicate command : a copy of the event is made to which you can assign a different routing / MIDI Channel / MIDI CC / etc.




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        Hi Camille,

        I have versions 7.0.1 & 7.0.14. This is definitely a brain teaser...



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          7.0.14 should be just fine.

          Are you running something specific alongside oscltr and live?

          Also, have you tried your setup on another computer?

          Was it working?

          I think I will have to build a "verbose version" of the application to see if there is anything in the log that will give us a clue about what is happening.