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  1. How to receive Mocute 032 bluetooth mini joystick in OSCulator ??

    I have a bluetooth mini joystick Mocute 032 remote that you can see here

    How can I find its port ? How can I...
  2. Any one can tell me ? Camille can you answer to...

    Any one can tell me ? Camille can you answer to this question please ?
    I try to use Apple IR remote or a generic bluetooth remote but it does not work in OSCulator...
  3. Apple IR Remote to Osculator midi Ableton Live

    Is there any way to use the Apple remote buttons (IR, white version) to map midi notes or CC in OSCulator ?
    I am afrraid it receives only bluetooth ?

    I would like to launch audio clips in...
  4. hello thank you for your answer... I verified...

    thank you for your answer... I verified all the settings in Live and in TouchOSC : everything seems to be all right ! I have my iPhone and Mac rebooted
    but this the same : when I press a...
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    illuminate labels in TouchOSC withe OSC messages ??

    I have almost the same question ...

    TouchOSC Editor has added a "Label" object .. with an OSC adress like : /1/label1

    How can we use that label in OSCulator and TouchOSC ?
    is it just a static...
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    documentation PDF and ... french !!


    I would like your documentation downloadable in PDF format !

    and why not a translation in.... french for example ! (you are french aren't you !!?)
    because MIDI is a bit complicated and...
  7. problem to keep push button highlighted on iPhone with TochOSC an OSCulator / Live 7

    hello !!

    I followed the tutorial to learn how to configure TouchOSC and OSCulator / Ableton Live 7
    I am on a MacBook Pro 13

    I made my own layout in TouchOSC Editor... synced it in iPhone......
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