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Thread: Feature Suggestion : CC / OSC Smoothing

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    OK! I thought of something that would really really help me out with my projects, but I'm not sure if it is important enough to implement as a general feature.

    My power glove has rather shakey flex sensors in the fingers, as well as it's own accelerometers which spew out osc data to osculator...which all unfortunately, tend to jump around a lot....

    I would LOVE if osculator had a smoothing option for regular midi CC's or osc inputs... similar to the ones for the wiimote accelerometers...

    is this at all possible?


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    Hey Zach,

    This is the kind of feature that is in the spirit of input filters, like something that would help to increment/decrement MIDI CC values based on an input trigger. I have not found yet a satisfactory way of doing it, so I'm still thinking. Anyway, your suggestion sounds cool, and I will add it to the list.



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    I've been trying to find a solution to this, is there ANYTHING even outside of osculator that can perform this task?

    smoothing midi OR OSC data? same sort of deal as the wiimote Accel smoothing you added?

    I can't find anything, personally.

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    What about MidiPipe? Maybe with some imagination you can find some useful configuration...

    But, first of all: what kind of application you must control with the glove?

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    im controlling midi CC's in ableton.. filters, other fx parameters, all sorts of stuff.

    I just want a more predictable and less jittery output. just smooth out the quick spikes even.

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