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Thread: problem with 2 wiimote

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    I'd like to use 2 wiimotes at the same time. In the Wiimote drawer I can see the adress of both devices. but only one seems to be synchronized, the other one keeps it's leds blinking. By the way, they work perfectly when used alone.

    For the moment I run a demo version of osculator on mac ppc, and like to buy it when I'm sure it works fine with my setup.

    I'm sure I missed something but don't know what.

    Thanks for your help


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    Hey Berzelius,

    I think you need to re-launch Wiimote discovery after the first one has been connected.

    You can automate this by activating the "Continue discovery after launch" option in the Preferences.



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    I think is better to do it manually: I'm not sure about the new releases, but a few months ago the "continue discovery..." makes the connection less stable.

    It's only one click of mouse: with the new releases is a superfast hunting...

    (happy holidays, Cam!)

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    Thanks for your quick replies,

    Actualy i already did it manualy.

    now it works fine by selecting another slot for the new device to be found. something I thought was done automaticaly.

    best regards


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    thanks for your quick replies,

    now it works fine, I actualy forgot to select a new slot for the new device to be found, something i thought was done automaticly



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