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Thread: Tightening Latency between Ipad, Osculator and Ableton?

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    Hey guys.

    I just re-wrote my MPD32 template (which controls 4 tracks of midi, a live processor on the output drum racks and filters) and am noticing an unacceptable amount of latency when playing the instruments live (way moreso than my already very latent MPD). Are there refreshrate settings on either the ipad or OSCulator that I should be aware of / some way to connect wired to make it quicker?



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    Hey Rob,

    OSCulator proceses the data just in time, there is no polling or refreshing involved, also it has been tuned for the best performance.

    TouchOSC on its hand is pretty fast, so I would suggest you check your network configuration, your router may be the cause of the latency. Please check out the iPhone/iPad FAQ in the Documentation section of this website, it will give you hints on how to connect your device with the lowest latency.



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