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Thread: IRs out of bounds

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    I'm reading the first two IR LED's from Osculator and with this two LED's I calculate the average and use this average as a cursor point. My problem is when I move the wii mote horitzontally and one of this IR's arrive to it's bound (0 or 1) this jumps again to a random point x in the screen. May be is because I'm only using 2 LED points? There's any way to know that this point is out of it's bounds? Like send/read -1 or something on the X pos. On the Y axis seems to work fine.



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    Hi Aleix,

    The size parameter of a IR point is 0 when the point is not available.

    Tip: In the Wiimote drawer, if you check "IR" instead of "Raw IR" you will get a ready to use x/y virtual cursor, so you won't need any further calculations..



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