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Thread: Apple magic trackpad and OSCulator?

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    Sounds good, Cam! I look forward to whatever you have up your sleeve. Hit me with it whenever you're ready!


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    Hey Scott,

    I've made some progress on this side, and I'm able to translate the trackpad's data into a 2d tuio blurb, which is cool. You have access to x/y coordinates, angle of touch, and even the size and shape of the touch.

    You can indeed either use it as interpreted TUIO or raw TUIO and forward it to another software.

    However …

    I had to use undocumented code to enable this to work, and it is obviously not super stable.

    The most important problem is that I had to provide my own mouse locking system and it works only when OSCulator is frontmost. This is a limitation from Apple. There use to be a hack but it doesn't work anymore.

    So, I will send you something you can play with, but I am not going to release that feature until I found a better to way to lock the mouse properly. Currently it fights with the Wacom way of locking the mouse (which is I believe the correct way of doing that, but not everybody has a Wacom tablet …).



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    Hiya Cam,

    I figured it would be difficult to prevent apple multitouch devices from sending their events to the mouse pointer, as it seems no one else working with apple multitouch data is able to do so yet, either.

    The physical hack I posted about above is only good for the Magic 'Pad; I guess one could do something similar for the MBP trackpad, though. IIRC, there is a set screw under the trackpad which defines the pressure needed to trigger a click, and it can be set to the point where it is effectively impossible to click by pressing down on the pad. But, this is a rather brutish way of solving the problem of mouse interaction, and a pain to revert back to normal. And still, there is the problem of it moving the cursor around and/or triggering gestures, which while less bothersome, is still annoying. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll be able to find a way around this, or that Apple makes public a solution to the problem.

    In any case, I'm amazed that you have been able to get something up and running so quickly! I really appreciate all of your efforts, and can't wait to try it out!



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    I've just sent you an email with an alpha version of the multitouch driver.

    If someone wants to help me test this and give his/her opinion on the multitouch controller support, please let me know !

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    I'm EXTREMELY interested in this, so am also EXTREMELY willing to help test..

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    alright fatkid, I'll send you an email.

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    Hi Camille, i will buy a magic trackpad this week, so definitively interested in testing it. Thanks.

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    Hey Cam,

    I just noticed that the Max/MSP external for using the Magic Trackpad with Max has been updated to allow more than one simultaneous 'pad input at a time. I haven't tested this yet (as my Max demo expired a while ago), but the fact that it seems to support multiple pads at once seems pretty promising. I doubt that it uses a different method of obtaining the multitouch data from the OS, however, and it still doesn't provide any help in locking the mouse pointer in a more effective way. Here's a link to the downloads for the updated external & source:


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    Good stuff Scott, I'll have a look at this.

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    Hello Camille,
    I am eager for you to work out the issues with the Magic Track Pad for Osculator. I got it half working in Max For Live but not without the edit window being open.
    Keep me noted as a tester.

    Thanks for your work.

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