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Thread: Apple magic trackpad and OSCulator?

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    is there any update to this? I would love to use my magic trackpad in Osculator!

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    Good question.

    I've done some experiments to some extent and I didn't like the result.
    The problem lies in the way Mac OS let you 'lock' the mouse: the mouse pointer can only be locked when OSCulator is the foremost application, unlike when you are using a Wacom tablet where the mouse can be locked at all times which is much more logical.
    Also, access to the Magic Trackpad makes use of undocumented code in Mac OS, and in my opinion this solution has not proen to be very robust.

    I'm just hoping that Apple will make their multitouch framework public and provide a way to control mouse locking that is more useful. I'll have a look at Lion to see if I can find anything better.


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    Great to hear you are still thinking of ways to add this functionality to OSCulator, Cam! Hopefully Lion will bring some new options to deal with multitouch events in an easier way. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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    Hi! I'm very interested in this possibility... I noticed this thread is from 2008... so... did it happen? hehehe

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    Hi André,

    Yes it did but it was really a hack and was not working properly.
    For example there was no way for ignoring mouse input from the Magic Trackpad, so the mouse would move as you touch the Trackpad, which made the multi-touch input ususable really.

    The Magic Trackpad would be a great device if only Apple made it sufficiently programmable.


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    I know this is oldddd, but IMPORTANT, this is the kind of science the bigggger companies fail to take serious nowadays.

    I personally don't think „ignoring actions“ and „substituting mouse inputs“ etc, is that relevant at all, you could eventually substitute such things with BTT anyways … but what everyone still misses is a way to simply control eg, a MIDI parameter through a gesture – take for example the ROTATE GESTURE or THREE FINGER SWIPE UP or PINCH etc, it's a pity that all we magic trackpad owners do have the coolest XY-pad right in front of us every day, but it does not do what a musician would really need.

    Logic Pro 9 for example listens to the ROTATE GESTURE by default and it's assigned to control the selected track's level, but Apple failed here once, because apparently when using LATCH, TOUCH, WRITE etc, it – for whatever reason – seems to fail to initialize immediately after starting playback respectively were there overall tremendous issues with the multi-touch recognition, as Logic repeatedly freezes for no reason when using that gesture (that's why i have to keep this rotate gesture disabled in OS X's system preferences).

    Yeah, I am a fan of the Magic Trackpad, generally speaking (especially in combination with BTT), and yeah, I am still using Logic Pro 9.
    Keep up the great work, Mr. Camille. If you need a beta tester for this HID>MIDI conversion implementation, I'd be happy to help out

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