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Thread: Nunchuk Joystick x and y Value Help

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    Hi there and congrat for all this stuff here.

    i'm new on OSCulator and I'm tryaing dhe free version but every day i be convinced that i'm gone bye the full version cuz feel WOWWWWW :P using this magnific soft.

    i'm use osculator for control ableton live / Traktor with a wii controller.

    Today i bye a new Nunchuk

    The new Nunchuk work very well with all the func :acc, button and joy

    But i found some difficult how to configure the nunchuk/joy cuz it apers just onle x and y

    My question is : How can i get valu like : +x-right -x-left and +y-up -y-down with the joy stick of Nunchuk like thw wii controller do with "THE BIG PLUS" bouttons ??

    Again thnx a lot for the time


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    Hey Andy,

    If you want to split the X axis, select the x message of the Nunchuk's joystick, and choose Edit > Split. This will create two new messages that you can use for each sides of the joysticks axis. Repeat the same operation for the Y axis and you're done.



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    Thnx Camille

    I try it now it it's everythink ok.

    You are very very available person, again thnx a lot.



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