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Thread: TouchOSC Layout for Yamaha 01V96 control with an iPhone

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    Here is a layout done by Ezee63 used to control the Yamaha 01V96 console with an iPhone or iPod Touch, OSCulator and TouchOSC. Instructions are included in the zip file.


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    If I use Touch OSC on the iPhone, is the signal to Osculator, but nothing changes on the 01v96. I just noticed that when I change something on the fader of the iPhone, a MIDI signal arrives at the 01v96.
    Nevertheless, nothing happens. Can it be that any routing settings are adjusted?

    Can anyone help me? Please!

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    Did you ever fix your problem? Post is a bit old, but if you still need help I can.

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    Hello i'm trying to configure another setup to control aux send (i hope on the stage) trough my iphone touchosc. i did a layout and now i'm trying to set up osculator. i can't find ho to recall the aux page with midi. Can anyone help me? thx
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    Hi Alchemicus,

    Do you mean an AUX page on TouchOSC or on the mixer desk?


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    Quote Originally Posted by camille View Post
    Hi Alchemicus,

    Do you mean an AUX page on TouchOSC or on the mixer desk?

    As you can see in the picture id like to have the same interface of the desk on my phone: so when i hit aux1 onmy touchosc, i'd like to emulate what i do on the desk hitting the aux 1 button. The same for the lr page on my layout i'd like to recall the home button of the 01v96i so i can do levels for the pa. Hope i am clear... Sorry for my english! :P

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    I see, I am really sorry but I have no idea how the display of those desk pages can be controlled from a MIDI message. I guess it should be mentionned in the 01v96i manual ...

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    Hello, have you succeeded?
    From what I read in the manual it is not possible on the assigned MIDI "AUX", the setting does not héxite.
    But on this video it is possible

    I do not understand
    can you explain
    thank you

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    I think they are using SysEx or NRPN to change the display.
    OSCulator can't do that at this moment.

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