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Thread: Waldorf Pulse Ipad TouchOSC editor.

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    Ah ah!
    If you get an iPad 2, pleas let us know how it goes, I'm looking forward to see it in action :-)

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    Have any of you guys tried porting the Missing Link TouchOsc template ( over to be able to work in Osculator? I'd like to give that one a try as well even though i don't think this one leaves much to be desired!!

    I only just started messing around in Osculator so I'm very new at this but how difficult would it be to try and convert it? Also, since I can hook my iPad up in a network midi session on my mac, why wouldn't it be advantageous to just set up the TouchOsc template to use straight midi? What advantages does Osculator bring?

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    Randomly just found this and joined the forum.

    This doesn't appear to work on an iPad 2.
    I have been checking the output from MidiOX - any suggestions on what could be changed/fixed?


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    Hi, is it possible to use this template without the need of a computer or wifi? Just via midi cables as a hardware midi controller would? Tried it but didn't work, but managed to do it with other templates for other synths. Is there any way to modify it with the touchosc editor?

    Thanks in advance.

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