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Thread: Show preset name on touchosc Value?

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    Show preset name on touchosc Value?


    I'm working in a project on touchosc that I've to change between a lot of presets. I'm wondering if it's possible to show the name of the current preset on a touchosc value.

    Can anyboddy help me? Thanks!

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    Sorry I said Value and I wanted to say Label

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    I can add an option to the presets menu "Send preset name on preset change" that would display a message /osculator/preset in the main window that you could simply route to e.g. /1/label3.
    Would you like to try something like this?


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    I don't find the "Send preset name on preset change", where is it?

    I have "Send values on preset change", is it the same?


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    No, because it doesn't exist yet.
    I was suggesting to send you a custom build so you can test this feature.

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    Oh my good, you're the author of the software! I feel so stupid now

    It would be amazing that you add this feature and I can try it!


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    I have sent you a new build with this feature added as an option in the Presets menu.
    If the option is enabled, everytime a presets is changed, OSCulator will receive the message "/osculator/preset" with two arguments, the first is the preset name, and the second is the preset index. You can then route the name to anything you like.
    A sample file with instructions has also been added to the Sample Library.

    This will be included in the next update.


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    It works perfectly. Exactly what I want. Thank you very much!

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