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Thread: Spliting a fader to sent fix cc values

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    Spliting a fader to sent fix cc values


    In another forum topic we talk about panning in Pro Tools. We arrived at the conclusion its best to do it usin two buttons. But yesterday, I resarch a bit. I'm touchosc user, and I tried to send fix values (0 and 127) without using buttons. I'm sure yesterday I could do it whit a fader. The firts half fader sent 127 and the other 0. When I moved my finger in the firts half I was continusly sending diferent 127 values, so I moved the pan in Pro Tools.

    I did it by splitering the fade message. In scalings page i put Out Min to 127 and Out Max to 127 for low values, and Out Min to 0 and Out Max to 0 for hight values. I'm sure that it worked.

    Today I tried to do it again, but surpirse, it hasn't worked.

    Have I gon mad?

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    Sound like it was a good idea.
    Are you sure Pro-Tool is listening to MIDI signals coming from OSCulator?
    It is the only option I can see ...

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    Yes! I did it yesterday. But today it doesn't work... I can't undestrand...

    I inster an image so you can see my configuration on osculator


    When I move the fade (and y have 127 127 for 0 to 0,5 and 0 0 to 0,5 to 1) doesen't happen anithing. I'm sure than yesterday I did it... I don't know whats wrong today...

    Edit: this image is no clear at all... sorry!

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    Now it works. Maybe there was something wrong in Pro Tools. It works faster than using - + buttons!


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