hey there, i've got a (hopefully) quick question.

i have this unity project i'm working on; i'm using osculator/oscumote with it. thing is that i'm going to use at least 10 wiimotes in this project, so i need more than one computer to sync all of the wiimotes. that's all fine and dandy. the problem is that i need all of the computers to see all 10 wiimotes, not just the four connected to each one.

i've done a little looking, and it seems like i can route all of the wiimote data over the local network (that all of the computers are on) thereby allowing each computer to see all 10 wiimotes at once. first of all, is this possible to do, or is there some limitation i'm overlooking (number of incoming/outgoing OSC messages or something)? secondly, i'm having trouble finding out exactly how to do this.

i've found a few things online (including the osculator help), but i can't seem to get it working (though it's entirely possible i'm not setting things up right). in order to do this i set the event type to "OSC routing" and the value to.... what exactly...? then within the value parameters, i assume i set the "host: port" to something like "[some port number]". do i need to do anything for the rewrite address/arguments?

then doing this will send the OSC messages to any/all computers on the network? though i suppose they have to have some sort or OSC client running to receive the messages (such as another instance of osculator), right? so my unity project (running oscumote) couldn't just pick up the OSC messages by itself, right? it'd need an actual OSC client picking up the OSC messages from the network then, in turn, sending them to unity/oscumote?

thanks for the help!