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Thread: Sending Wiimote OSC Data Over Local Network

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    Please read a bit of documentation about the Terminal, and you will understand how to use it. I think it is obvious that if the program gives the usage sheet, that means that you are not using it the way it should. I have given you the syntax to use, but if you don't follow that syntax, it will not work.

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    also, when i do finally get this to work, i just want to be sure. the number after -s is the port that the executable in terminal is receiving on? the number after the target IP/hostname is the port the specified computer is receiving on? and then in order for the executable (running in terminal) to receive any information, i route the OSC data (from OSCulator) on the computer running the executable to itself (localhost) on the port being received by the executable (the number after -s)? and i'm supposed to be using the computers' network IPs or their network names, right?
    That is correct.


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    ok, so i finally got it to work. the problem was that it didn't like me having the server port stuff along with the targets; i had to run them separately.

    ./oscbroadcast -s 9000

    ./oscbroadcast -t osc.udp://<computer1 IP>:8000 -t osc.udp://<computer2 IP>:8000
    so now its working (yay!). the problem is now that the signal is incredibly sporadic. not only does it take a little time for the signal to show up (watching in the quick look), but it is also jumping everywhere (not a smooth curve). i think this was one of your concerns in the beginning, yeah? any suggestions on how i can minimize/get rid of this? i already tried hooking the computers up directly to the router and using the ethernet IPs (as opposed to wireless), but that didn't provide any better results :-/


    just tried hooking the computers up directly via cat5, and that didn't improve things either...
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