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Thread: TouchOSC + Osculator + to make a LED work?

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    thanks. the demuxing works, but the leds still work sometimes on the spot, then like 5 times not. then again work a few times.. really unreliable.

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    How do you connect your iPhone / iPad?
    Are you using a router in between your computer and your device?

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    for setting it up, i use a router. in the club i wanted to use a a connection directly to my iphone.. if it's only this, which makes it not work, i'll scream

    /edit: i just tried settint up a network on the mac. iphone connects, and button and fader work, but no led. i got red boxes for the beat phase monitor (/1/led1 and /1/led4) ..
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    If the activity monitors blink red, it means that OSCulator is not able to find the destination. I'd suggest you restart your iPhone, because most of the time this solves the problem.

    It could also be a configuration issue, but since you told me it worked once, I guess the OSC Routing is properly configured.

    It should be noted that it is best to use the same connection when you set up your layout and go on stage. It is surely of a convenience to use the router, but only if you are 100% certain that it will not cause any trouble. For example, the Airport Extreme and Time Capsule routers have good WiFi signals if you area is not too crowded. On the contrary DSL vendors routers are usually ranging from bad to very bad.

    If you want no latency, and no message dropped (thanks to the OSC protocol [sic]), use a ad-hoc network (network created on the computer).

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    i will test the setup in adhoc mode before going live, but it's more comfortable to have an inet connection, especially when running into problems

    i restarted the phone. still the unreliability. only the beat phase led (which blinks with the beat) works. (these are normal leds, not buttons)

    do i have to map both trigger and velocity or just one?

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    You should have a look with a Quick Look window (select trigger or velocity and hit Space bar), and decide if this is the signal you need. I would opt for trigger, but I don't know exactly how it looks like, so I can't guess.

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    ok. both change from 0 to 1 and back when i press again. the button itself just sends out a peak to 1 and goes straight back to 0.

    i now figuered out, that if i press the button really really fast it stays lit as it should. is there a way to change this, that i can tap a little slower and it stays lit?

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    I'm sorry to ask, but I don't understand, what is the source of the message?
    What signal is the source of the message sent to the led?

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    you mean what does traktor send to osculator? it's a midi note. then sent via osc routing to the /1/push8 of the phone.

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    How weird, does it mean that Traktor sends a note "on" only when you press the button, but not at all time while it is playing?
    Now this makes sense, I understand this is what you were describing at the begining of the discussion.

    I don't have a solution, sorry...
    Maybe there is a different mapping in Traktor that would provide the MIDI message with the right meaning?

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