Hi everybody.

I'm switching from my faderfox controlling interfaces... (DJ1, DJ2 & LD2) to ipad... with TouchOSC and OSCulator.

I foundsome layouts (including those posted in this forum) and I guess everybody notices that if we used RELATIVE faders, we got some issues with the feedback from Traktor. I don't know if it's the same with other softwares.

Thing is... Absolute fader is not good for me. First, any mistake can lead to a track to be shutdown becaue I hit the wrong fader without noticing or while trying to hit another fader or button. Second, as I use around 200 controls for my traktor setup... it means there's a lot of buttons & faders on the ipad. So, in "real" DJ mixing situation, I don't want that.

so, question: is there a way to have a proper feedback from Traktor, to the ipad, while using Relative Fader ? It works perfectly with buttons... toogle or pushed ones (with the feedback, they basically operate the same way).


another question, more specific to traktor:
I used a fader to setup position (seek position). The control from iPad works flawlessly. But, the feedback doesn't work at all: no way to display on the ipad where the player head is.... For OSCulator, there's no MIDI ouput from traktor.. but the setting is available in trakto... so what's the way ?

I think I'm gonna come up with more questions.. but if someone got some answers... or just some clues.. that would be nice.