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Thread: Being asked to install extensions every time

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    Being asked to install extensions every time

    Every time I try to setup a Wii balance board's virtual X and Y as an HID device I'm asked to install the extensions. After installing, the select box in the Value column is empty. I doesn't allow to me setup the board as a joy stick, for example.

    If I save the file I'm working with, close OSCulator, and reopen the file, the virtual X and Y event types are empty.

    Any ideas as to what the problem might be?

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    Hi ape,

    This is not normal.
    It means that the extension failed to be properly installed.

    Could you please contact me at camille at osculator dot net, and give me the details about your systems version, and computer model ?
    I would also need to know the version of OSCulator you are using.

    I will then send you instructions that you may follow so I have a better idea of what exactly is the problem.


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    Thanks Michael for giving every details I needed.
    The problem was that the OSCulator extension only supports Mac OS X kernel when booted in 32 bits mode.
    If the computer is started with k64 mode enabled (64 bits darwin kernel) the extension will not be found.
    If this is a problem for other users, please let me know and I'll issue a new version of the extension in 64 bits mode.
    Right now this should not be an issue for the vast majority of users.

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    Apparently the new MacBook Pro models shipping default to 64 bits instead of 32... And I can't figure out how to make mine boot into 32 bit.

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    Alright, thank you for this info!
    This is fortunate as I receive my new MacBook Pro today.
    The kernel extension eventually had to be transitionned to 64 bits one day or the other.

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    I have updated the kernel extension to 64 bits.
    If someone would like to try a pre-release build, please ask by pm or email (camille at osculator dot net).


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