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Thread: DJ Hero connection malfunction

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    Hi ScottyDoo,

    Please try to update the application.
    This has been enhanced in the last version.
    (I'm not saying fixed, because the joystick and crossfader are still sending messages at random intervals, and I have no control over this).


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    Hi Camille,
    any updates as for as the turntable platter sending signals to the crossfader?

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    Hey Scott,

    I'm sorry I haven't time this week to have a look on that matter.
    I have however purchased a copy of Traktor so I will be able to see if I can do something. The problem is that the spurious events are generated by the controller itself and I'm unsure if I'll be able to filter them out.

    If you could share the oscd file you use with me, and if you have one, a Traktor mappings file as well, this would be very useful to me.


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    Hello Scott,

    Did some testing today, and found out that I recently fixed the crossfader issue, but only when the turntable is pugged on the left hand side of the controller, and the file you sent me shows that you are using the controller on the right hand side!

    I should be able to greatly reduce the crossfader interferences …
    I'll let you know.

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    May 2011
    Barcelona, Spain, Spain

    I have the same problem. Crossfader detects platter movement and left/platter never appears...

    MacBookPro with Mac OS X 10.6.7
    Osculator Version (20110320)
    DJ Hero Wii Controller
    Standard Nintendo Wiimote

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    I am trying to solve these issues, but it seems compromised.
    I should release a new version in a couple of weeks.

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    Hey Squeeze, ScottyDoo and La_Tristesse,

    I think I found a solution for the crossfader acting strangely.
    Thank you for your patience.


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