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Thread: Difficulties connecting OSCulator and Fantastick

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    Lightbulb Difficulties connecting OSCulator and Fantastick

    I'm having difficulties connecting OSCulator and pinktwins (Fantastick running MTF).
    I've changed the OSC input port to the same as Fantastick but i'm not sure what else i need to do to get it to work. I've linked Touch OSC and OSCulator with no problems in the past.
    Just wondering if anyone has attempted it or if it's even possible.

    Thanks Sarah

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    Hi Sarah,

    I'm not sure if I got the right documentation, but it seems you need to set OSCulator to listen on port 6661 (cf Please not that you can't have two programs on the same computer set to listen to the same input port.

    Have you been able to find your computer's IP or host name?
    According to the docs, you need to use that in Fantastick (whereas TouchOSC uses an semi-automatic discovery network configuration).


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