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Thread: List of compatible Wacom Tablets

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    List of compatible Wacom Tablets

    I would like to make the list of compatible Wacom tablets.
    Please feel free to report your model if you do not see it listed here :

    - Intuos 5 Pro
    - Inutos 4 WL (both USB and Bluetooth modes)
    - Intuos 3
    - Intuos 2
    - Cintiq 21 UX
    - Cintiq 18 SX
    - Cintiq 13HD
    - Bamboo Fun
    - Bamboo Touch (touch events are handled by the Wacom driver using keyboard shortcuts)
    - Graphire
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    Wacom Intuos 2

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    Hello - is there an option for new generation of Wacom Intuos touch tablets (
    to be used w Osculator?

    thanks for letting know - vivat Osculator !

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    Hi mrataj!

    I have not tested these new models. I would say this one should work like a Bamboo, that is, you get the pen events, but touch events are still delivered as keystrokes from the Wacom driver.


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    Hi Camille,

    First of all, thank you so much for your software which is completely essential for my work!
    I'm now working with the Wacom Intuos-m. It provides touch events as discrete events with an x, y + blob width and height, with up to 13 fingers. Really cool stuff. I would be very grateful if you could expand your software to recognize these events. Here is a link to an open source max/msp external which handles all of this: - see "".

    all the best - tarik

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    Hi Tarik,

    Thanks for the links, I'll study the code and see if I can integrate that to the Wacom driver.


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    Hi Camille,

    Do you know if the new 2017 Wacom Intuos Pro models ( are compatible with osculator?

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    Hello Casimir,

    I reckon these should work, but I have not tested them.
    You should be aware that there is currently a problem with newest Wacom drivers, please have a look at this thread for more info:


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    Hi Camille,
    just tried to hook up an old wacom cte-630 sapphire... after installing bamboo drivers which makes it work fine as a trackpad, I can't seem to get osculator to recognise its existence...
    It should just be plug n' play right ?


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