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Thread: Compatible Wiimote gear

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    Before I buy these, does anyone know of any reason they wouldn't work? eBay just lists the brand as "generic"...

    Thanks a lot


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    Hi Robin,

    I don't see any reason, but the combination of your computer + OS + remote can be fiddly at some times.
    You have more chances if you use the latest version of OSCulator and if your OS X version is not 10.6.

    OSCulator fully supports genuine Nintendo Wii remotes, unfortunately it is impossible to be 100% sure about unbranded ones.


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    Cool, thanks for the info

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    HI I am new to Osculator and Wii remotes. I have bought AMO White Remote For Nintendo WII and it worked easy set up to pair it - however when I have purchased second wii remote excatly the same I am having pairing issues. I am puzzled why as it is excatly the same model/make as the first one and the first one is easily happily working. This is second time I have exchanged it. Is there anything I am missing? Thank you.

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    Hi LucieDance,

    When you say you have pairing issues, can you describe a bit more what to process you follow to pair a Wiimote, and what is happening?

    Remember once a Wiimote is paired with your computer (via OSCulator), all you need to do to connect it is to press any button until it connects. The pairing process only pairs your Wiimote to your computer and does not necessarily leads to a working connection.


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    HI Camille,thank you for your reply. I have problem with the second Wii remote (same make as the first one) to register it/pair it to see it in Osculator. the process I use is open Osculator and the window wiimote -where you pair wii (my Mac blutthoo is on) and press the red bottom on wii, then press pair on Osculator ...however it does not pair it/register the new Wii. I used the same process when I bought the first one (same make as the 2nd one) and that was paired straight away. Any suggestions on what to do? Thank you Lucie

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    Hi Lucie,
    Sorry for the late reply. There can be a number of reasons why the connection would fail. Could please send me an e-mail to camille at osculator dot net? We’ll try to understand what is going on offline.


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    Quote Originally Posted by registered99 View Post
    Any compatibility with Wii U equipment? I have a Wii U pro controller and was wondering if there's any way I can contribute.
    Please, does OSCulator 3 + High Sierra work with both of those Wii U controlers ? :

    => 1-4&keywords=manette+wii+U

    And what about Manette classique pro. noire WII Nintendo CAO74 ?

    Thanks for helping
    Best regards
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