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Thread: pause and changing osc routing

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    pause and changing osc routing


    someone knows if it possible to :

    - send a message to osculator to put it in pause ?

    - send a message for changing osc routing number (1 , 2 3..) in parameters window in osc routing ?

    I work with a mini lan with 3 computers ( 2 mac mini and 1 powerbook) and I need to deactivate osculator because logic give me a strange message of osc conflict on input port and I don't know why ; logic has not osc !.

    thak you very much

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    Hi Octandre,

    There is no way of doing what you want, but the problem you are seeing is maybe because Logic is trying to open a OSC server on port 8000, which is OSCulator's port by default.
    To solve your problem, I would suggest you go to the Preferences, Inputs tab, and change the default OSC port to 9000 for example (instead of 8000). Next time you will start Logic with OSCulator already running, you should not have the problem anymore.


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    Thanks a lot


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