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Thread: 1 event triggered by 2 buttons

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    1 event triggered by 2 buttons

    is there a way to set it up so that if i press 2 buttons it will trigger 1 event, while each individual button has its own event when pressed by itself?

    so in other words, if i press button "a" on the wiimote it will trigger event "a" then if i press button "b" it will trigger event "b" then if i press both together it will trigger event "c"?



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    Hi !
    I'm sorry 1nspired, this is not possible.
    You should be able to do that with Max or PureData.


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    thanks! i think this would be a cool function for the update, it would open up a whole new set of possibilities!

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    It is possible, i have done this:
    "2" sends a midi message, but when "1" is pressed "2" changes a preset instead.

    This is an example of how i did, i am sure there are better ways to do it.
    Screen shot 2011-08-15 at 1.05.24 PM.png

    Pretty much "1" enables "2" to go into my ableton preset!

    In your case, "1" could disengage "2" sending "3" instead of "2" and the same way around for "1".
    This would simulate them both sending individual messages, but when both pressed they send a third one.

    Hope this helped!

    Best Regards
    /Johannes Drakenberg
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    Hi Johaness,

    This is one solution, but it does not exactly work the same as 1nspired suggested (at least I believe).

    Here's the story: What I understand from people explaining they would like to press two buttons at once and get a third kind of event is that the state of the buttons should be checked whithin a short amount of time. If during that period both buttons are pressed, then a third event is triggered instead of the normal ones.
    There is no easy solution for this at the moment: I think it would add too much complexity to the application if I wanted to make it generic (group any combination of buttons), but also it introduces a small amount of jitter that I find not desirable.

    You suggestion works more like if one button of the Wiimote was selecting the role of other buttons, which is fine but a bit different. Thank you for sharing!



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