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Thread: Quick & dirty multitouch

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    Quick & dirty multitouch

    I just followed the instructions at and in no time built an extremely kludgy multitouch controller surface using a cardboard box, a picture frame, a piece of printer paper, lots of duct tape and a USB webcam (I used a cheap Xbox Live Vision video camera that I had on hand).

    It didn't take too long to configure the free and open-source Community Core Vision software available through to track my fingers as they touched the surface, and the TUIO messages showed up fine in Osculator once I set the OSC input port to 3333. As a proof of concept, I had Osculator send MIDI notes for each finger being tracked.

    At the moment, I don't have a real use for this, but perhaps someone else might find it useful or entertaining.

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    Nice, thanks for sharing Yasha!


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