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Thread: IPad Not Routing Correctly

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    Question IPad Not Routing Correctly

    I am attempting to run TouchOSC on my iPad through Osculator and eventually Ableton. I believe I have everything set up correctly as far as layouts, Hosts, and Ports and go.

    (Custom Layout); (Host - MacBook Pro:8000) and (iPad - Outgoing Port : 8000)

    But when I start up OSCulator and try activating the sliders, buttons, and XY's nothing happens on the OSCulator Screen where I expect to see a list of these pushed items.

    Is there some kind of setting I am missing?

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    Please check in TouchOSC Editor that the pages of the custom template you are using do not contain an illegal character like a space character.

    Here are some other threads that see to describe the same problem as you had:


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    Thanks for your reply,

    it actually turned out to be the Firewall.. -_-

    I just had to go into the advanced security & privacy settings and allow incoming connections to OSCulator.

    And now it works flawlessly.

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    Excellent, thanks for sharing your solution!

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