The oscbroadcast tool is a command line program that allows to duplicate an input OSC stream of messages to two or more computers. OSculator has already the ability to duplicate messages and route them to several targets, but this solution is more powerful in the sense it requires less configuration in Osculator, and keep the Osculator document less cluttered with duplicated messages.

You can download the latest version of the oscbroadcast tool here.

usage: oscbroadcast [-s <server_port>] -t <target_url> [-t <target_url> ...]

  Listens to OSC messages on <server_port> (defaults to 9000) and copies
  received messages to one or many <target_url>

  A <target_url> is specified as osc.<proto>://<host>:<port>
    Where: <proto> is udp or tcp.
           <host>  is an IP address or a hostname.
           <port>  is the target port.
    Valid URL example: osc.udp://

  Usage example:
    oscbroadcast -s 9001 -t osc.udp:// -t osc.tcp://