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Thread: iPad/iPhone support for Cuelux/Emulation

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    iPad/iPhone support for Cuelux/Emulation


    I've come a far ways in just 2 days. I wanted to show you and the rest of the people on this forum what I accomplished with some elbow grease. Here is a video of Osculator in action and here is the website that I built around it. Today!
    Here is the video posted on youtube and you can navigate to the website for a direct download. I hope you enjoy.
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    Thank you Jarrell for this great work!
    (I have taken the freedom to inline your video for more visibility.)

    I'd also like to point out to interested users that Jarrell has put together a video of 13 minutes where he explains in detail of to setup the whole system.
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    New Video

    Hey Cam,

    I just shot the demo video over again and updated the entire website. If you don't mind could you replace the old video with this one? Thanks Cam

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    Here you are!
    Thank you Jarrell.


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