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Thread: Osculator Note Pitch Bend Output

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    Osculator Note Pitch Bend Output

    Hey guys,
    new in this forum =)
    I am rebuilding the App AC-7 Core for iPad, and i used a Midi Monitor Software to see what the App transmits to Reason(5) that i can rebuild the commands for TouchOsc.
    i found everything i need, the only problem i have are the faders.
    AC-7 Core uses Pitch Wheel, in different channels (1-8) to control the faders (1-8) in a mixer in reason.
    first of all, the TouchOsc Editor doesnt support in the midi section Pitch Bend, or am i blind?

    so i want to go over OSC and Osculator, to transform the OSC in a Pitch Bend.
    in Osculator i choose for the fader Midi Note as Event type, and Pitch Bend as Value.
    when i change the fader in TouchOSC , the fader in Reason is moving, but its just struggeling to a maximum value of 2 ( 127 would be full).
    i found out with the Midi Monitor software, that Osculator gives not the pitch bend out, like a real pitch wheel does.
    i cant describe it in english, i am german :/
    the output gives only a range from -8192 to -7937 !!!!

    is this a failure of the Pitch Bend output from Osculator or am i doing something wrong?
    here som screens that you dont have to get all information out of my bad english

    i hope i described not tooo complicated and you can help me....
    try and error since 2 days -.-

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    Hi Maul,

    Thank you very much for these detailed report.
    This was a bug in OSCulator 2.11-beta23, and I just uploaded a new build.

    Please download it here.

    Thank again!

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    why didnt i noticed by myself...
    a few weeks ago it worked, and since the beta it doesnt....xDD
    Thank you =)

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    I was curious if this worked, I'm struggling getting Reason working too, do you have any other data you might share on what the AC-7 is doing, I thought it was emulating the Mackie Control.
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    i dont know what exactly AC-7 is doing, but you can get the Mac-Software Midi Monitor, it will show you all ways of midi-interfaces that are connected and if you change a control it shows you which channel and value and so on it is....

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